LACC Celebrates Puerto Rican Heritage Month

November is Puerto Rican Heritage Month!  

We created a display with a few books we selected from our collection. We encourage you to explore our print and digital resources to learn about the history, culture, and people of the island.  

Puerto Rican Heritage Month Book Display

Books in LACC

Below is a list of a few print books we selected from our stacks to include in our display. Books selected cover politics, race/ethnicity, religion, music, and food in Puerto Rico.  

Stop by LACC and check out a book that is currently on display!  

Browse the library catalog to find additional books on Puerto Rico!

Electronic Resources

In addition to print books in the LACC stacks, there are also digital collections and other resources on the web that provide information about/from Puerto Rico.

Digitized items

Digital Exhibit

  • El Mundo, a digital exhibit, which explores the shifts in policy and culture in Puerto Rico that led to the radicalization of the Nationalist Party and the subsequent downfall of the traditional political parties: the Partido Liberal, the Partido Republicano, and the Partido Socialista. 

Digital Collections

For additional collections and resources, view our Latin American & Caribbean Digital Initiatives Guide.