Celebrating AAPI Heritage in Latin American and the Caribbean

Graphic for Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month showing an elephant with an upraised trunk and floral decorations

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, May 2023

This month we honor Asian and Pacific Islander immigrants and communities in Latin America and the Caribbean with a book display and recommended readings drawn from our collection. Our books and periodicals reflect the varied experiences and origins of these communities, through history, archaeology, and literature. Research sources in our collection also reflect the linguistic diversity of these communities, many of which publications are bilingual if not multilingual. We hope you find something that interests you! All books on display are available for checkout to UF patrons (and available by interlibrary loan).

Book display for AAPI Month

Recommended Readings from LACC

  • Esteban de Vega, Mariano., Francisco de. Luis Martín, and Antonio. Morales Moya. Jirones de hispanidad : España, Cuba, Puerto Rico y Filipinas en la perspectiva de dos cambios de siglo. 1a. ed. Salamanca [Spain: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 2004. Print. LAC (DP203.J57 2004)
  • Chinese Immigration in Latin America: Some Cultural Contributions. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020. Print. LAC (F1419.A87 C45 2020)
  • Tasato, Yūtetsu. Nanbei ni okeru Okinawa-ken shusshin imin ni kansuru chirigakuteki kenkyū = A research report on the Okinawan immigrants in Latin America. Naha-shi: Ryūkyū Daigaku Hōbun Gakubu Chirigaku Kyōshitsu, 1981. Print. LAC (F1419.J3 N36 1981)
  • Lo Bartolo, Giuseppe. Barrio chino de La Habana, imagen del tiempo = Quartiere cinese dell’Avana, immagine del tempo = Havana’s Chinatown, image of time = Hawana Hua ren qu, li shi di rong mao. Panamá: Caribe Pub., 1999. Print. LAC (F1799.H39 C534x 1999)
  • Peguero, Valentina. Immigration and Politics in the Caribbean: Japanese and Other Immigrants in the Dominican Republic. 1st ed. Coconut Creek, Fla: Caribbean Studies Press, 2008. Print. LAC (F1941.J3 P45 2008)
  • Wilson, Andrew R. The Chinese in the Caribbean. Princeton, N.J: M. Wiener Publishers, 2004. Print. LAC (F2191.C46 C45 2004)
  • Pariag, Florence. East Indians in the Caribbean: An Illustrated History. Kingston, Jamaica: Arawak, 2004. Print. LAC (F2191.E27 P37 2004)
  • Ramsaran, Dave, and Linden Lewis. Caribbean Masala: Indian Identity in Guyana and Trinidad. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2018. Print. LAC (F2191.E27 R37 2018)
  • Revista Asia y América. Seoul: Universidad Dankook, Instituto de Estudios de Asia y América., 2001. Print. LAC Periodicals (F2201.A85)
  • Homma, Alfredo Kingo Oyama. Imigração japonesa na Amazônia: contribuição na agricultura e vínculo com o desenvolvimento regional. Manaus: EDUA, 2011. Print. LAC (F2659.J3 I45 2011)
  • Chuhue, Richard, Jing Na Li, and Antonio Coello Rodríguez. La inmigración china al Perú: arqueolgía, historia y sociedad. Ed. Richard Chuhue, Jing Na Li, and Antonio Coello Rodríguez. Primera edición. Lima, Perú: Instituto Confucio, Universidad Ricardo Palma, Editorial Universitaria, 2012. Print. LAC (F3619.C5 I5 2012)
  • Kearsley, Graeme R. Inca Origins: Asian Influences in Early South America in Myth, Migration and History. United Kingdom: Yelsraek Pub., 2003. Print. LAC (F3429.K53 2003)
  • Tsuchiya, Akiko, and William G. Acree. Empire’s End: Transnational Connections in the Hispanic World. Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press, 2016. Print. LAC (FJV4017.E47 2015) 
  • Lee-Loy, Anne-Marie. Searching for Mr. Chin: Constructions of Nation and the Chinese in West Indian Literature. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2010. Print. LAC (PR9214.L44 2010)