She Spoke So We Can Soar

Flier for LACC's 2023 Black History Month Book Display

A Celebration of Afro-Latina & Caribbean Women Writers and Poets

In honor of Black History Month this year, we created a display with a few books we selected from our collection that highlight afro-latina writers. Come by and explore our resources!

Books in LACC

Below is a list of a few print books we selected from our stacks. Stop by LACC and check out a book that is currently on display!  

  • Fièvre, M. J., and M. J. (Michèle-Jessica) Fièvre. So Spoke the Earth = Ainsi Parla La Terre = Tè a Pale. 1st ed. Miami: Women Writers of Haitian Descent, 2012. Print. UF Smathers, Library, LACC (PQ3948.5 H22 S6 2012)  
  • Vega, Marta Moreno., Marinieves. Alba, and Yvette. Modestin. Women Warriors of the Afro-Latina Diaspora. Houston, TX: Arte Publico Press, 2012. Print. UF Smathers, Library LACC (PQ7081.5.W68 2012) 
  • Herrera, Georgina. Gatos y liebres, o, Libro de las conciliaciones. Ciudad de La Habana: Ediciones Unión, 2009. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (PQ7390.H43 G37 2009) 
  • Cliff, Michelle. Abeng. New York: Plume, 1995. Print. UF Smathers LACC (PR9265.9 C55 A63 1995) 
  • Cliff, Michelle. No Telephone to Heaven. New York: Penguin Books USA, 1996. Print. UF Smathers LACC (PR9265.9.C55 N6 1996) 
  • Wilson, Elizabeth., Pamela. Mordecai, and Betty Wilson. Her True-True Name : [an Anthology of Women’s Writing from the Caribbean]. Oxford [England: Heinemann International, 1989. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (PR9205.8H471 1989) 
  • Das, Mahadai. Bones. Leeds, England: Peepal Tree Press, 1988. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (PR9320.9 D31 B661 1988) 
  • Simmons, Diane. Jamaica Kincaid. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1994. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (PR9275.A583 K567 1994) 
  • Planas, Melissa Castillo. ¡Manteca! : an Anthology of Afro-Latin@ Poets. Ed. Melissa Castillo Planas. Houston, Texas: Arte Público Press, 2017. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (PQ7084.M244 2017) 
  • Ramsay, Paulette. Afro-Mexican Constructions of Diaspora, Gender, Identity and Nation. Kingston, Jamaica: The University of the West Indies Press, 2016. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (PQ7081.7 B55 R36 2016)  
  • Santos, Beatriz. Memorias de una mujer negra. Montevideo, Uruguay: Rumbo Editorial, 2021. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (ML420.S2337 S36 2021) 
  • Bouson, J. Brooks. Jamaica Kincaid : Writing Memory, Writing Back to the Mother. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2005. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (PR9275.A583 K654 2005) 

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