Celebrating Cuba!

To celebrate the upcoming Gannon Lecture by author Ada Ferrer, we created a display with a few books we selected from our collection that highlight the Cuban-American journey . We encourage you to explore our print and digital resources to learn about the history, culture, and people of the island.  

Books in LACC

Below is a list of a few print books we selected from our stacks. Stop by LACC and check out a book that is currently on display!  

  • Ferrer, Ada. Cuba: an American History. First Scribner hardcover edition. New York, NY: Scribner, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Inc., 2021. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (F1776.F397 2021) 
  • Ledbetter, E. Wright (Ernest Wright), Ambrosio. Fornet, and Louis A. Pérez. Cuba: Picturing Change. 1st ed. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2002. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (F1765.3.L43 2002) 
  • Ojito, Mirta A. El Mañana: memorias de un éxodo cubano. 1. ed. Vintage Español. Nueva York: Vintage Español, 2006. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (E184.C97 O4518 2006) 
  • Veiga, Marisella. We Carry Our Homes with Us: a Cuban American Memoir. St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2016. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (E184.C97 V45 2016) 
  • Pérez Firmat, Gustavo. Life on the Hyphen : the Cuban-American Way. Rev. ed. Austin, Tex: University of Texas Press, 2012. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (E184.C97 P47 2012) 
  • Cuesta, Leonel-Antonio de la, and Humberto López Morales. Cuba : la patria grande, la patria chica. Primera edición. Valencia, España: Advana Vieja, 2012. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (F1776.C84 2012) 
  • Bethell, Leslie., and Leslie. Bethell. Cuba : a Short History. Cambridge [England] ;: Cambridge University Press, 1993. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (F1776.C8 1993) 
  • Fernández, Ramiro. et al. I Was Cuba: Treasures from the Ramiro Fernández Collection. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2007. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (F1783.122 2007) 
  • Guerra, Sergio., and Oscar. Loyola Vega. Cuba : una historia. 1a ed. Coyoacán, México: Ocean Sur, 2012. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (F1776.G84 2012)  
  • Watson, Jack. Hidden Cuba: A Photojournalist’s Unauthorized Journey into Cuba to Capture Daily Life 50 Years after Castro’s Revolution. Ocala, Fla: Atlantic Pub. Group, 2011. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (F1765.3 W38 2011) 
  • Brickman, Jay S., and Maria Conchita Mendez. Cuba: It Matters: Negotiations in a Changing World. North Charleston, S.C: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015. Print. UF Smathers, LACC (F1776.3.U6 B75 2015) 

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Electronic Resources

In addition to print books in the LACC stacks, there are also digital collections and other resources on the web that provide information about/from Cuba.

Digital Collections

  • Cuban Newspapers & Periodicals, which includes newspapers, yearbooks, scholarly journals, magazines, bulletins, newsletters, and periodicals published in Cuba, the United States, and other countries. 
  • Cuban Archives & Manuscripts, which includes archival collections that document the history and culture of Cuba and holdings that relate to Cuba and Cubans since the seventeenth century.
  • Cuban Maps, a shared digital collection, coordinated by the George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida, in cooperation with the Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba José Martí (BNJM), and in partnership with other libraries and institutions.  

Digital Exhibit

  • The Cuban American Dream Timeline, a digital exhibit of events that explore the reasons behind the immigration of Cubans to Florida from the 16th to the 21st century, the pressure that such immigration brought to local and state governments, the reactions of Floridian communities to Cuban immigrants, the ways in which Cuban immigrants adapted to their new reality, and the contribution of Cuban immigration to Florida. Curated by Margarita Vargas-Betancourt, Katiana Bagué, and Alexis Baldacci at the University of Florida


For additional collections and resources, visit the Celebrating Cuba! Digital Collections.

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